Maintain PowerShell modules in a easy way

So I hate to do updates, so I did create a PS module that will update all of your installed modules and then delete the old versions.

You can perform the following tasks with the module:

  • Update all installed modules on your system
  • Update specific module
  • Just delete all old versions of your installed modules
  • When the module are finished you can choose to import the module or not
  • You can choose to install missing modules if you have specified a module that are missing.

For more information go to the GitHub repo for this module.

This module works for Linux, Windows and macOS, you just need to run the parameter -Scope Currentuser on macOS and Linux system. The parameter -Scope Allusers only works in Windows.

You can install the module from PowerShell Gallery trough your PowerShell window with the following command:

Install-Module -Name MaintainModule -Scope AllUsers -Force

For more information see the following links

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