Get monitor information from remote or local computer

This is a module that I did write because our IT support staff did have cases where some monitors with a specific serial no did have a issue and needed to be replaced.

You know how it can be, sometime the serial number is written at the back of the display. And tell people to take down the monitor and look etc. is not fun.

So, what better way to check the serial number then just execute a PowerShell command? And you can run it on local computer or remote computers. Also you can run it on multiple remote computers at the same time and receive a complete list with information of the monitors.

Here is how the replay will look like, you get the name, model, serial number and manufacturing dates.

You can install the module from PowerShell Gallery trough your PowerShell window with the following command:

Install-Module -Name MonitorInformation -Scope AllUsers -Force
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2 thoughts on “Get monitor information from remote or local computer

  1. Useful and simple to use by IT support staff remotely can save their time and save end user’s time as well.

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